Friday, December 08, 2006

Young Guns

Young Guns

Young Guns is a classic gun fighting movie set in old west in the 1800’s. How can anyone turn down Emilio Estevez, Charlie Sheen, and Keifer Southerland. These three are part of a group of “regulators” as they call themselves who are on a quest for vengeance of their old boss while using their power of the law to fight criminals and corrupt businessmen in New Mexico. The story revolves around the character Billy the Kid who is ultimately the one who abuses the power given to the regulators by the sheriff. This then sets into motion, a waive of bounty hunters who try and kill the regulators and just basically leads to more good ol’ fashioned gun fightin’. Strong bonds between characters start to mold and add to the depth of the story. There is also a love story in the background with Doc’s (Southerland’s) character who falls for an Asain girl who is property of the man who killed his boss. The end of this movie is the best when the gang becomes trapped and attempt to take on 100 men by themselves. If you like action, you will love this movie which also has a decent plot to it as well. All the guys out there in the class, if you haven't seen this movie yet you definately should. I don't like westerns at all and I liked this movie jsut beacause of the action. Its always on AMC or USA too so you can catch it on TV.

Classic Quotes:
“Regulators, let’s mount up.”

"Dear Governor Axtell,
I've heard that you will give 200 dollars for my head. Perhaps we should meet and talk. I am at the Juarez village at the border. Send 3 men, and instruct them not to shoot, as I am unarmed. In short, Sir; I surrender.

Your obedient servant,
William H. Bonney.

PS: I changed my mind. Kiss my ass."

“They say he’s killed more men than small pox.”

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