Thursday, December 07, 2006

Commando (1985)

Starring: Arnold Shwarzeneggar

Commando is the most unrealistic action movie I have every seen. Shwarzeneggar plays Col. John Matrix. He is an ex-commando and his daughter has been kidnapped by the dictator of some South-American country. Matrix is probably the most muscular army guy I have ever scene. H escapes from his enemies and goes to Val Verde to rescue his daughter. Once in Val Verde, Matrix kills what seems to be over a thousand people.

He is probably the most badass character ever. When he goes to use Cindy’s car and cannot fit, he simply rips the front seat out of the car and sits on the gound. Only Arnold can do that…Matrix even manages to land a fall from a plane that just took off with out hurting himself.Another one of my favorite scenes is when he breaks into the gun store and finds the secret red button. This button opens up secret compartments in the store filled with crazy weapons such as a bazooka. Matrix brings these weapons to Val Verde and is unstoppable. Although it is realistic that one man kills hundreds and takes down what seems to be an entire army, it is still entertaining. There are still cool guns and huge explosions, which in my book make a good movie. If you do not like Arnold Shwarzeneggar or ridiculous and unrealistic action films, I suggest you stay away from Commando.

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