Thursday, December 07, 2006

Revenge of the Nerds (1984)

Starring: Robert Carradine and Anthony Edwards

Although dorky and ridiculous, Revenge Of the Nerds is absolutely hilarious. This movie is about two nerdy best friends, Lewis and Gilbert. They are both the stereotype of a typical nerd. They have geeky laughs, wear pocket protectors and glasses, and have large I.Q.’s in place of big mussels. Lewis and Gilbert are most excited about the “chicks” in college. Throughout the film Lewis and Gilbert are teased and harassed by the Alpha Beta’s. The quarter back of the football team, Stan Gable, is an Alpha Beta who has a person vendetta with Lewis. The two decide to join a fraternity, and become Tri-Lams. Stan Gable, whom is also the president of the greek counsel, does everything in his power to hurt the nerds. The Trilam’s realize the only way for them to escape the wrath of Gable is by winning the homecoming games. By using their brains, the nerds are able to win most of the events. One example of this is during the bicycle race. Each lap each rider has to chug a beer. The Trilam’s come up with a pill that reduces the effects of alcohol and they are able to perform at a much higher level than the rest. Another example is during the Javolyn Toss, Lamar is given a javolyn by one of the nerds that was designed to fly further.The nerds do the best prank I have ever heard of and put hidden camera’s all over the girls sorority. They prove through the rest of the movie that brain power is more important, and win respect from the majority of the campus. It is made clear that the nerds have out-done the Alpha Beta’s when Stan Gable’s long time girlfriend Betty has sex with Lewis on an artificial blow up moon. If you want a good laugh, watch this movie.

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