Saturday, April 29, 2006

Well apparently Tom Cruise can do anything, even bartend! In this film he plays Brian Flanagan whose dream is to work on Wall Street and make lots of money. After finding out that no one will hire him without an education he tries business school and quickly drops out because he feels it is a waste of time. Then he turns towards bartending and soon becomes one of the most respected bartenders in the local area, through his unique style of entertainment. He takes his skill to the Caribbean and while working on the beach he meets Elizabeth Shue’s character. After a vacation love affair and a brief moment of infidelity, she leaves and returns to the states, only later to find out that she is carrying Brian’s baby. Her father doesn’t approve of Brian because he is a bartender, but nonetheless he tries to win her back. He is eventually successful and opens his own bar called “Cocktails and Dreams.”

Overall, the film’s plot is somewhat ridiculous in my opinion, and Brian’s unethical behavior sometimes makes it hard to support him. Sometimes he tries to do the right thing, but he often doesn’t think and ends up doing the wrong thing instead. The movie isn’t horrible, but if you are looking for something with a rich storyline don’t bother. There is definitely an underlying “me” theme that is common of many 80’s movies, and money seems to be a major driving force. Not my favorite Cruise film, and not one I would rush to see again

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