Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Girls, you might have to sit down for this one...

Back again for another action packed film, Harrison Ford stars in The Temple of Doom. This movie came out in 1984 and was a great, but cheesy sequel to Raiders of the Lost Arc. It begins in a high-class club in China, where Indy is making a trade of some stolen artifacts with Lao Che. The scene soon escalates when we realize that Lao is not interested in a fair trade. Indy takes the star entertainer of the club and possibly Lao's girlfriend "Willie" hostage (which actually does not end up working) and manages to escape. He, his little Asian sidekick Short Round, and Willie board a plane that they think will take them away. Little do they know that the plane is one of Lao's and he has ordered the pilots to bail and crash the plane in India. There, the three run into a run down looking Indian village, where the leader tells them that a sacrad stone has been stolen along with all of their children. Of course entralled, Indy decides to help the villlage and try to return their stone.
They travel to an elaborate palace, where the maharaja lives. The rest of the movie involves Indy finding and destroying a secret underground child labor line, recapturing the stones that belonged to the village, and finally freeing the children.
This was a pretty gory Indiana Jones movie, still mild though. The scene with the bugs and at dinner at the palace were especially fun to watch. All of the food is so entertaining. I would definitely recommend this movie. Very much an 80's hero, rough and tumble and very handsome. The only part I would say could have been cut out was anything with Willie's character. She was so annoying it almost ruined the movie. Although I was jealous I almost thanked Indy aloud for kissing her to shut her up!

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