Saturday, April 29, 2006


This film is about a billionaire playboy by the name of Arthur, whose occupation is to race cars, play tennis, chase women, and as he says “But I have weekends off, and I am my own boss.” The plot takes you through his search for love, and he meets a girl in a clothing store, played by Liza Minelli who he witnesses steal a tie for her father. This one event intrigues him and he continues to pursue her, however his parents have other plans for his future. His father has a marriage already arranged with the daughter of another wealthy family, and if Arthur does not go through with it his father will cut him off financially. Arthur finds himself for the first time in a tough situation when he must act mature and responsible.

Overall I think the film is hilarious. Arthur’s love for fun and scotch provide much entertainment, and there are various scenes of Arthur being completely inappropriate and drunk in public. He is witty with everyone he meets and his sarcasm is awesome because it is so well placed. The relationships he has with his butler and chauffer are also interesting because he is closer to them than his own family. This is definitely another 80’s “me” film though where the concentration is on Arthur and his quest to mature and find what is important in life. It was definitely a fun film to watch, and after watching a second time I caught so many more of the jokes and funny one-liners.

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