Friday, April 28, 2006

The Last Crusade... or is it?

Indiana Jones makes his final appearance in the 80’s in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. An exciting element in this movie is that you get to see who inspired a young Indy (played by River Phoenix) to be the man he is or at least who gave him his distinct Australian fedora, the bullwhip, and his fear of snakes. You also get to meet his father who plays a major role in the development of Indy’s personality as well.

Indy is back at his college teaching when he hears news that he has been chosen by the government to find the Holy Grail and he has to beat the Nazis to the punch yet again (apparently Hitler had a thing for religious artifacts of immense power). The catch is the government had already sent an archaeologist to find it and he has gone missing and that archaeologist is none other than Professor Henry Jones, Indy’s father.

This movie is quite possibly my favorite Indiana Jones movie. I really enjoy the father son aspect in movies. The portrayal of the strained bond between Sean Connery and Harrison Ford is very realistic even though they are actually only 12 years apart in age. There is a great scene where both playboys realized that they have been played by the same woman who is a Nazi none the less. Being that it is an Indiana Jones movie as well the stunts never cease to amaze either.

This might not be the last we see of our hero/heroes either. Rumor has it that Indiana Jones 4 is in the works. A possible title is Indiana Jones and the Lost Continent. Some other rumors are that some possible scripts include; Indy’s father, played by Sean Connery of course, a brother, written in with Kevin Spacey in mind, and maybe a daughter, with gossip spreading that Natalie Portman was considered. The production crew also stated that the film would be shot with stunt men, rather than computer generated effects just like the previous three films. I don’t know about you but I’m thrilled about this idea and can’t wait to see it.

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