Thursday, November 22, 2007

Top Gun

"I feel the need.....The need for speed"

Tom Cruise is here in all his 80's glamour with this blockbuster hit about friendship, love, and a drive to be the best. Oh yeah and of course flying. This movie hits a bullseye with something in it for everyone. To me the only weak link was Kelly McGillis, who I thought looked much better without the bleached hair, and who's proclamation of love for Maverick seemed out of a middle-school play.

This movie crosses all genres of films, including action, love story, tearjerker, and some war as well. The dogfight scenes must have been advanced for their time, with shots from the pilot's perspective and also of an overview of the scene. The relationships between the characters grow, with the one between Maverick and Goose at the heart of the film. Meg Ryan's character adds depth to their relationship as she allows us to see just how close Maverick is to their family. Also with a line like, "Take me to bed or loose me forever," how can't you love her character? The relationship between Maverick and Charlie also grows, it's cute, but honestly doesn't seem that important when compared to his friendship with Goose. Even his rivalry with Iceman is more interesting.

This movie brings to light the conflict between wanting to be the best and looking out for your fellow pilots. Teamwork is shown to be what pays off in the end. Between the beginning and end though we get a pilot who thinks he doesn't need anyone else and pays little to no attention to rules given him by others. This causes others to dislike him because they don't trust him to have their backs and when they're all up there they need to know they can count on each other. By the end of the movie Maverick has learned this lesson, is still reckless, but is dependable and someone who others would readily trust their lives to.

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