Thursday, November 22, 2007

Clue (1985)

"It's Not Just a Game Anymore"

In 1985, writers John Landis and Johnathon Lynn made a bizarre film based on the game Clue bearing the same name. The familiar cast featured in the game remain the same in the film including Mrs. Peacock (Eileen Brennan), Professor Plum (Christopher Lloyd), Mr. Green (Michael McKean), Colonel Mustard (Martin Mull), Miss Scarlet (Lesley Ann Warren), and including new characters Wadsworth (Tim Curry), Yvette (Colleen Camp), and Mr. Boddy (Lee Ving).

This who-done-it mystery i set in New England in 1954 and begins with all of the primary characters arriving at a spooky and isolated mansion, each having received a strange letter summoning to the house. Upon their arrival, they are greeted by the maid Yvette and the butler Wadsworth who asks that they use the pseudonym that was given to them in their individual letters. All of the guests then congregate and realize what they have in common - they are all being blackmailed for various "Un-American" acts by a mysterious Mr. Boddy and they all live in Washington D.C. or are employed by the government.

After learning this, Mr. Boddy hands each of them a wrapped box containing one of the weapons from the game and tells them that they should kill Wadsworth or all of the secrets they are being blackmailed for will be exposed. Mr. Boddy then turns off the lights so that whoever decides to kill him will not be known, and when the lights are turned off Mr. Boddy is laying on the floor dead. Soon after this, the group finds the cook dead in the kitchen, and Boddy supposedly killed again with a head-wound dealt by a candlestick.

Soon after this, the group decides to draw straws and break up into pairs to search the house and also to lock the weapons up in a cabinet. While they are searching the house, two guests come to the house - a passing motorist and a policeman, who both end up dead by a mysterious person wearing a black leather glove; Yvette also ends up dead by the same perpetrator.

This is where the plot begins the get strange. All of the guests re-congregate and Wadsworth exclaims that he knows who the killer is. He first explains that Miss Scarlett is the killer, but after this the words "That's how it could have happened, but what about this?" flash across the screen. This time Wadsworth explains that Mrs. Peacock is the killer, this time the words "This is how it could have happened, but this is what really happened." flashing across the screen. This time, it is revealed that each of the guests killed one of the victims, and Wadsworth is actually Mr. Boddy and is the one that has been blackmailing them all. Finally Mr. Green announces that he is actually an FBI agent, and shoots and kills the real Mr. Boddy saying "I killed Mr. Boddy in the hall, with the revolver."

Strange, huh? Yet surprisingly entertaining. I recommend this one if you have some free time and want to watch a film that no one could guess the outcome of.

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