Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sixteen Candles

Sixteen Candles written and directed by John Hughes in 1984 is one of the most popular teen movies in the 80's. Teens movies on average are about love, high school, and being accepted. Sixteen Candles is about just that. Molly Ringwald (Breakfast Club) stars as Samantha Baker. It is her sixteenth birthday, a milestone for any young girl. As she prepares for the day, she is quickly bummed when her family has forgotten about this special day. Of course, her older, prettier sister gets the spotlight because of her wedding. Saddened by being forgotten, Samantha is also upset that this milestone has not created more of a physical change in her life. That day in school, Samantha takes a "sex test" note in class. Uh oh! The note gets lost and lands in the hands of her senior crush, Jake Ryan. On top of this, she is being stalked by none other than the geekiest kid in school, Ted. He is a total loser and is trying to convince his friends that she totally wants him. Things couldn't get worse right? Wrong! Now her parents are staying with them because of the wedding. What a great birthday! Atleast she has the dance to look forward to! And bonus...Jake Ryan actually smiled at her! Every girls dream. Somehow she ends up confiding in the geek? High school surely has its random twists of fate. He gives her the great news that THE Jake Ryan has been asking about her at the dance, she obviously owes him. Atleast she helps him out by lending him her underwear, he is trying to win a dozen floppy disks afterall! Of course this classic teen film ends like many other teens films. Ted was trapped under a table. Ted then gives Jake Sam's underwear. Ted gets to drive home Jake's girlfriend, and this is used as the reason Jake and his girlfriend break up! Realllly believable! Even better she fell for the geek. Jake finally gets to Sam after her sister's wedding. And they kiss! They share a wonderful kiss while having birthday cake with of course, sixteen candles!

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