Thursday, November 22, 2007

This is Spinal Tap♦

This is Spinal Tap (1984) was an interesting movie to say the least. A music teacher from my high school recommended it so I decided I should rent it. My overall impression of this movie is summed up as; hilarious and great to those who understand it (I understood some of it, I’m sure I missed many of the jokes), but it lost some of my interest for the last forty five minutes. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless they follow some, or know about classic rock and rock band’s lives and memorable moments in rock history. Before you watch this movie know that it is a mockumentary, which means that it is filmed as a documentary, not a movie, and that it is a satire not to be taken seriously what so ever. The movie begins with a commercial director tells the audience of a British heavy metal band called Spinal Tap and that the film is a documentary on that band, and its second American tour and debut release of the bands new album “Smell the Glove.” The movie brings up the beginnings of the band, which were rooted in flower power type 70s music. Hilariously the band used to be called the Originals but had to change it to the New Originals because of another band with the name. The basic plot follows their tour which is not going well. From what the band manager says Spinal Tap was once able to fill giant arenas, but its audiences have grown smaller and smaller. Throughout the film some concert dates are canceled, including Boston which isn’t much of a college town! I believe three times the movie cuts to the concerts of the band, which includes a single song from the band at each concert which is nice change from ordinary movies. The band is fighting with the record company because their new album’s cover is labeled as too sexist and provocative. After some time the record company releases the album with a completely different cover without consulting the band, I won’t reveal what it is though as it is a good joke. The two main characters are the two guitarists and singers from the band named Nigel and St. Hubbins. Once St. Hubbins brings his English girlfriend on tour, she takes over some control which leads to inner band struggle. The band’s struggle leads to a couple people leaving the band but one member calls it nothing as the band has had over thirty two members over the years, haha! My favorite joke of the film would have to be the amplifier joke, which had me in near tears. A close second would be the metal detector scene. Like I said before I enjoyed this movie, but the beginning has more funny parts then the last forty five minutes or so, if anything don’t purchase it, rent it first.

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