Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Why "The Breakfast Club"?

The Breakfast Club is a classic teen 80's film about five highschool kids all from completely different social backgrounds that miraculously end up in the same Saturday school for varying degrees of rule breaking. The film details there slow realization throughout the day that they are not so different. They build what seems like could be life-long friendships in the period between 7 am to 5pm, but it is all very ambiguous as to what the audience is to think about their future encounters with one another. One deep conversation among the five in the middle of the movie suggests that they dont plan on every speaking to one another when they are all back in their respective "clicks." Of course, we all hope the love between the criminal and the prep will last, but who knows?
This is a very classic movie from the 80's and a must see. Films during this decade were big into the whole "click" thing and the plight of the teenager vs. the adults. It definitely stands up over time, although I think we can all realize it was an exaggeration of social stereotypes. We see these sort of clicks in highschools today the same as then, I think it is just characteristic of human social interactions.

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