Sunday, April 09, 2006

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Dirty Dancing (1987) starring Johny Castle (Patrick Swayze) and Baby Houseman (Jennifer Grey-before her unfortunate nose job) headline this coming of age film. It is a rather lame tale of kids from different backgrounds finding each other (she the Jewish princess and he the dance instructor for guests like herself).

Baby (what a name) goes to the Catskills summer holiday camp with her parents where she meets Johny the rebellious dance teacher. Baby falls in love with Johny and this is where this coming of age film becomes tiresome. Baby's father does not approve of Johny because he mistakenly thinks that Johny is responsible for another dancer's pregnancy and subsequent abortion.

Meanwhile, the "sick" girl can not dance in the big show so Baby volunteers to take her place. Does Baby turn out to be a great dancer? Of course! Does Baby's father realize his mistake and accept Johny as his daughter's boyfirend? Of course!

Swayze is a great dancer and so is Grey. The dancing is "dirty" because of the rather explicit dancing moves. That is why the last scene is by far the most memorable.

A chick flick for sure but you will leave the multiplex singing "The Time of My Life."

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