Wednesday, April 12, 2006

High school drama... no way!

So there I was, searching for an 80’s movie to watch, preferably a mindless comedy because it had been one of those days, when I came across “Private School” (Aka Private School… for Girls). I was immediately intrigued. There have been so many 80’s movies about high schoolers, but private school? Going into it, I hoped it would be somewhat cynical as my approach to my private high school had been. What I got was a cross between a typical 80’s teen comedy (laden with sexual inuendos and, well, just a lot of sex) mixed with a typical 80’s coming of age story stereotypically portrayed by the opening song “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.”

The movie is set at Cherryvale Academy, which is a private all girls high school for only the wealthiest of families, run by the headmistress Miss Dutchbok. The story centers around three girls: Christine who is in love with her boyfriend Jim from the nearby private boys school, the cynical Betsy who is dating Jim’s disgusting (think Ram from Heathers) friend Bubba, and Jordan who’s Christine’s arch enemy and will do anything to steal her boyfriend (including riding a horse topless.) The girls go through a series of pranks such as leaving dog crap at each others doors as the guys attempt to dress in drag to get into the girls showers.

The movie was a pretty typical 80’s teen flick, with enough sex to make the guys want to watch it, yet enough “growing up” to make it a hit with the girls too.

Teaser? Click to watch the Trailer! [just wait out the commercial]

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Vladigogo said...

You know, I think Sylvia Kristel made a number of these flicks in the 80s. I think she may have been one of the many Emmanuelles that popped up in the 70s and 80s and even today on Cinemax after 11 pm.

She then moved on to this type of stuff, including one called My Tutor, I think, which was around the same time period.