Tuesday, February 14, 2006

That Giant Flesh-Hungry Plant Can Teach Everyone a Lesson

Wow, what to say? Little Shop of Horrors is a colorful musical detailing the pathetic life of Seymour Krawborne, a nerdy and poor plant shop employee. When Seymour finds a "strange and interesting" plant at a shop in Skid Row he becomes obsessed with making it well, even when he finds out that it thrives on human flesh and blood. Seymour becomes a cold-blooded murderer when the plant offers him riches, fame, and the love of the leading lady, Audrey. Because this plant is from outer space and is magical it is capable of fulfilling these promises. As Seymour feeds the plant it grows larger and larger and the fame and fortune promised to him soon arrive. But Seymour is really a good person on the inside, he cannot take the guilt and decides to destroy the plant and run away with Audrey. Subplots include a twisted sadistic relationship between Audrey and "the Dentist" and Seymour's attempt at ending that relationship.
This was a wildly entertaining movie and I would recommend it to anyone who does not mind over-the-top movies, because it certainly is that. The characters are overdeveloped; the voices and accents, the way the characters dress, all add to the overload of the senses. It is a very funny movie, a kind of dark humor.
It was very characteristic of the 80's in that it was exaggerated, and it followed the common theme we have been seeing of selfishness and greed. The movie was very much a comment on how not to be, showing that greed is a vice and can lead one down the wrong path. I am not so sure the movie stands over time, but it is so unrealistic that it probably could be applied to any time, the message at least. Great movie, good message (and its not so bad to sing along to either).

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Vladigogo said...

This is of course a remake of the film from the 60s, so it does stand up over time,doesn't it, if it is a remake?

In this flick, Bill Murray plays the sadistic patient who goes to the dentist (if I am not mistaken). In the original it is Jack Nicholson.

And who knew that plants could sing so well.