Sunday, February 12, 2006

Back to the Future, Part II

Might as well continue with the trilogy! Part II continues exactly where Part I left us. Marty has just returned from 1955, and the next thing he knows, Doc wants to whisk him off to the future--2015, to be exact! He tells Marty and Jennifer that their kids are in danger, and they must visit the future to prevent these events from taking place. So, this they do, without much further questioning.

Once in 2015, Marty encounters his son, Marty Jr. He (sadly) realizes that his son is a "wimp!" He is being bullied by Griff, Biff's grandson. The entire scenario is very similar to that of Biff bullying George, Marty's father (as we saw in Part I). I was disappointed at the amount of film time that was spent in 2015. After visiting it briefly, Marty and Doc must travel to 1955 (again) to prevent another disaster from happening. While in 1955, many of the same scenes from Part I are relived again. I felt an extreme sense of deja-vu as I watched it. The new additions are done well; there is one particular scene that sticks out in my mind. Marty is chasing Biff (Biff is in a car; Marty is on a hoverboard, which is sort of like a skateboard that can fly); eventually, the chase goes into a tunnel and then Biff crashes into a manure truck (again--just like in Part I). I almost found myself applauding at this point, and, of course, laughing.

The plot of Part II is definitely more complex than that of Part I. Part I was very simplistic and direct; Part II takes more twists and turns, and of course, the end leaves you hanging in anticipation of Part III. There was an interesting scene towards the end when the time machine gets struck by lightning and then disappears. The time machine left what looked like two backwards '9s' in the sky. I found myself wondering about the significance of this. Well, I decided to look it up to quell my curiosity, and I found myself disappointed. Apparently, the explanation is as simple as this: the time machine always leaves fire trails behind when it travels through time. In this instance, the car was spinning, so the fire trails became spirals. Well, gee, I guess I read way too much into that one!

And the trailer for this one is at:

I would definitely recommend seeing this movie. It is funny, exciting and entertaining. I don't think it will disappoint.

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Marcela said...

once you see the third movie, if you ever get bored, you can try making up a timeline of all the different alternate universes and where they branch out. lots of confusion to be had there.