Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Scarface was very long, and kind of drawn out at times, but I definitely still liked it. I went to most of middle school and high school here in Florida, and I was never taught about how the Cuban refugees were dumped here. I never knew that Castro used us to get rid of most of his criminals, kind of the same way England used Georgia and Australia back in the day. I definitely didn’t know they were forced to stay in those crummy camps either. There were a lot of really cool shots in the film. One of my favorite most dramatic scene set ups has to be at the very end just before Tony Montana’s demise. He’s standing at the very top of his mansion’s second floor indoor balcony like a mad man getting riddled with bullets. Finally he falls into the pool below, and red bleeds from him into the blue water of the pool. Tony is definitely a crazy character, and sometimes it was a little hard to believe someone who was genuinely interested in being successful would do some of the things he did. I hated that he killed his best friend and ruined his sister’s life. But the way she went crazy after that was perfect because there is no way the love of your life can be killed in front of you by your brother and you not go crazy. From then on though I hated Tony, everything else he did I let slide but after this affront I hated him.

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