Monday, April 19, 2010

Beverly Hills Cop

‘Beverly Hills Cop’ is a classic 80s cop movie about a street-smart Detroit detective named Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy) who often uses unorthodox methods to catch criminals. In the movie, Axel’s friend Mikey comes to Detroit to visit and is murdered while hanging out with Axel. Due to Axel’s close ties to the victim he is discharged from the case and asked to take some time off. Knowing that Mikey just came from Beverly Hills, Axel decides to head out there and look for leads. Axel’s search leads him to Mikey’s old boss Victor Maitland who, Axel soon discovers, is smuggling art and bonds. Throughout his search, Axel has a few run-ins with the Beverly Hills Police department that land him a permanent tail, which he soon looses by playing a humiliating prank on the cops. Axel eventually teams up with these cops to try and solve the crime of his friend’s death and put Maitland behind bars. After finding sufficient evidence to solve the crime, Axel and his two cop friends break into Maitland’s house and end up shooting him out of self defense.

This cop movie is interesting because it examines police morals and racism in the 80s in a comedic way. There are many instances that Axel puts on a phone persona in order to get what he wants such as when he acts like a Rolling Stones reporter to get a room at a fancy hotel or when he acts like he contracted an STD after homosexual intercourse with Maitland in order to get a meeting with him. Overall this is a great movie that is full of laughs and action and, in my opinion, a classic of the 80s.

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