Sunday, April 18, 2010


Overboard tells the story of Joanna Stayton is a pretentious, narcissistic socialite who treats everyone as though they are beneath her. She employs Dean Proffitt to be her carpenter and fires him upon finding out that he didn’t use the right kind of wood she wanted. One night, she goes to find her wedding ring and while trying to reach for it falls overboard. She wakes up in the hospital to find that she has suffered from amnesia due to the fall and cold waters. Dean sees her on the news and devises a plan to pretend they are married and call her “Annie”. He takes her home with him and she becomes the new mother of the house by having to take care of the kids, cook and clean the house. The movie follows the couple as they learn to fall in love with each other. At the end of the movie, Annie regains her memory when her husband finally comes to find her. We see her struggling to choose between her previous upper-class life versus her new one.

I am a sucker for corny romance-comedies. I found this movie to be hilarious as we see Dean constantly coming up with ridiculous responses to Annie’s questions about their past life together. Goldie Hawn’s acting as a mean stuck up bitch transforming into a caring down to earth girl was well done. We see her struggles and laugh as she tries to become a good housewife. Although this is not considered to be an 80’s classic, it is still entertaining to watch. It becomes apparent that a good 80’s movie does not necessarily need the typical 80’s music and clothes. The plot is unrealistic but nonetheless you are sucked into falling in love with all the characters and rooting for Dean and Annie to end up together.


Vladigogo said...

And here comes J.Lo.

Renee said...

haha. I remember watching this years ago back home. this makes me want to watch it again.