Sunday, January 31, 2010


Big is one of those timeless movies that always makes you want to cherish every minute
of what remains of your childhood. And even though any generation can appreciate the film,
it is definitely 80's. There are numerous scenes that feature sights and sounds from the decade.
Whether it is Billy Idol rocking out in the background on MTV, the big hair, or the giant Pepsi
machine in Josh's apartment, the eighties are always present but not always obvious; which is
why I feel the film really captures the time.

Tom Hanks, who won an oscar for his performance, is the perfect actor to play the part. His
priceless antics and boyish looks really make you believe that he is a 13 year-old in a 30 year-old
body. And as we see Josh transform from a child to adult, we can't help but relive our own childhood
and wish that we could go back in time with him. Just by being himself, Josh receives an
amazing promotion,gets the girl, and almost infectiously affects everyone around him in a
good way, (besides Paul..." I don't get it.."). We are reminded that work and life in general
shouldn't always be taken so seriously. That fast food and jumping on a trampoline can be a
recipe for a perfect date. And that there is a 13 year-old version of ourselves in each and every
one of us.

I would recommend this film to anyone because it has it all. A little bit of comedy mixed with a
unique and sensitive perspective on life. We all could use some self reflection some times to
truly remind ourselves what life is all about. I think Big is a great reminder.

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