Sunday, November 05, 2006

Uncle Buck (1989)

Uncle Buck is back in town!!!

John Candy
Macaulay Culkin

The loveable John Candy is back in the controversial role of Uncle Buck! This movie is not John Candy's best. The overall plot is kind of typical and I only found a few parts in the movie considerably funny.
John Candy plays the role of the "insane" uncle who has essentially been excommunicated from the family. The parents are forced to have Uncle Buck watch their kids becuase the nanny can't come and the oldest daughter isn't mature enough to take care of her younger brother and sister. Buck plays the character that everybody loves to hate in the beginning, but toward the end of the film, he plays the guy that most people can sympathize with. He enforces rules that the kids are not used to following. Although at times his rules seem completely ridiculous, many times I found myself agreeing with his ideas. Buck's relationship grows throughout the film with the children, especially with the oldest daughter who hated him in the beginning. Even though Buck is a gambler and not very well off, he has decent morals that he lives by, and these are displayed when he puts his sister's children in line. Specifically when the oldest daughter sneaks out to a party with her sleezy boyfriend. Buck goes after her and pulls out a power tool on the boyfriend who is actually fooling around with another girl.
Once again, this is not my favorite 80's film, but I guess it's worth seeing once. Like I said earlier, John Candy is the guy that everyody loves to hate. He is a decent actor and even though I do not like this movie, he fit this role well.

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