Sunday, November 05, 2006

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)

Chevy Chase
Randy Quaid
Beverly D'Angelo

The Griswold's are back again!!!

The National Lampoon movies are some of the funniest movies that I have ever seen. This is probably true because Chevy Chase is such a versatile and hysterically funny actor. I have always loved the original 80's Lampoon movies, but this one takes the cake!!!

Clark Griswold is back again ready to unite the family for the best Christmas ever!! The whole family is home for the holidays and Clark is bound to "make this the happiest Christmas since Danny fuckin K!!" However, the in-laws come into town, along with the cousins...Cousin Eddy in particular and "know how to make it a real nice time!" The Christmas does not go as planned, in fact they end up kidnapping Clark's boss and wrapping him up with a big red bow, hoping that they will get the long awaited bonus...and not the jelly of the month club ticket.

The overall plot is hilarious. My question is, who comes up with this stuff? It is so simple, yet so dynamic and complex. For such a simply made movie, ie. filming in a normal neighborhood with a decent sized house and an typical insane family, is pretty impressive. I think the characters add much needed complteteness to the plot. In fact, my favorite character is Cousin Eddy. The movie probably would not be the same without him. His famous line, "The shitter is full!" cracks me up every time!

This film is a must see!!! I DEFINITELY recommend that people see it over the holidays with their family!! It's a timeless classic and I gaurantee that you will not get sick of it!

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