Sunday, November 05, 2006

Animal House (1978)



John Belushi
Tim Matheson

Since this is my last blog, I felt that I had to pay tribute to all college students. Yes, Animal House was made in 1978, but it definitely promotes the feel of an 80's movie and epitomizes the college dream.

Animal House is number one on my list. For me, it is the best comedy of all time. It is gross, perverted and hysterically funny. The Delta Boys are on "double secret probation" for their crazy and wild parties, cheating on tests, and excessive drinking. Although they are seen as "the worst house on campus," in actuality they are the best because they defy all of the rules and make the other fraternities look bad.

"I'm a zit, get it?!"

Every college student needs to see this movie. I'm sure everyone has seen this movie more than a dozen times, but just watching it again reminded me of how funny it truly is. I recommend that everybody rent it or buy it over the holidays! Better yet, ask for it as a Christmas Present!!

"Double Secret Probation"

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