Saturday, October 21, 2006

Trading Places 1983


Eddie Murphy

Dan Aykroyd

Jamie Lee Curtis

Trading Places, starring some of the most talented actors of our time is quite possibly one of the funniest comedies of the 1980's. This movie shows the discrepancy between the rich and the poor in a comical way. Winthorp, who is played by Dan Aykroyd, is a Wall Street tycoon who happens to cross paths with Valentine who is poor street hustler played by Eddie Murphy.

Two wealthy power players (Duke and Duke) make a bet that they can turn Valentine into a prime time broker by pinning a crime within the company onto Winthorp. This in turn puts Winthorp out of work, money, a house and his girlfriend. Winthorp is forced to live with a prostitute who later on in the film helps to prove his innocence. All the while, Valentine is living the lap of luxury in Winthorps former home.

Through much of the confusion between the sudden life changes, Valentine and Winthorp cross paths and confront each other on the issue at hand. Togehter, they agree that they have been set up by the Duke brothers and must get even!!! They do this by letting the Duke brother's stock of frozen orange run right into the ground. Both Valentine and Winthorp get away free with their own stash of money and are relieved that the Duke brothers lose millions of dollars. More importantly, Winthorp gets Jamie Lee Curtis!!

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