Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Risky Business

"I don't believe this...I got a Trig test tomorrow and I'm being chased by Guido, the killer pimp."

Joel Goodsen, who is played by the sexy and young Tom Cruise, is a studious and naiive college-bound freshman. He is known by his friends as being the shy and boring guy who never lives his life to the fullest. Through much persuasion and the allure of a liberated call girl named Lana, Joel decides to party it up! Joel's parents are away for the weekend and he decides to incorporate his friend's motto of "Fuck it!" into his life and put it to "good" use. Unfortunately, Joel is confronted with Lana's insincerity and more importantly her ex-pimp who wants to CRUSH him for the loss of business. Joel is forced to make the decision of choosing between Lana, whom he now has feelings for, and the job of getting his house put back together before his parents come home. Joel, with a lot of help from Lana and her call girl friends is able to host a party and earn some fast cash. His risky business redeems itself and he is able to have the house together by dinner time!!

"All you need to say is 'What the Fuck!'"

This movie is one of the best Cruise films probably because it was one of his films that he made before he went insane. Not only is it funny, but it is also somewhat suspenseful. I am ashamed to say that it was only my first time seeing it, but I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an entertaining and risqu'e Tom Cruise flick!!!

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