Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tiger Warsaw

As Tiger Warsaw starts out you know it’s going to be an emotional movie. The music and the expression on Chuck “Tiger” Warsaw’s face say it all. They show him drive by a house as a woman is talking to her husband and takes out a picture. The family picture includes a husband and wife, son and daughter. The husband and wife, Michael and Frances Warsaw, are talking about their daughter, Paula, but never mention their son who we learn is Tiger.

The details are never fully explained, but we learn that Tiger was a drug user and not only stole from his family and friends, he killed Paula’s fiancé and held his father at bay for a couple of hours, I take it he harassed, possibly assaulted his father during this time. Frances and Paula have a brief conversation leading me to believe there was a possibility that all of this came about because Paula led her father to believe Tiger was going to hurt her, although she knew he was not going to. I was disappointed this never came up again.

Tiger carries the guilt of his past with him. He has come back home because he wants to heal, but no one seems to be willing to give him that chance. I was starting to think this movie was going to end on the same sad note it had started off with, but finally when Frances stands up at Paula’s pre-wedding dinner and gives a short speech about how happy they should all be that her son is not there, Michael finally realizes he does still love his son and has forgiven him.

I am a sucker for a happy ending, so I was not disappointed this movie came through and delivered.

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