Sunday, July 02, 2006

Night Shift

Night Shift starts out showing the quiet life of Chuck Lumley. It’s not just quiet; it’s boring and very predictable. That all changes when he unwilling goes back on night shift at the city morgue and gets a new partner, Bill Blazejowski.

Michael Keaton as Bill Blaze is at his usual high energy, fun-loving kind of guy. He plays the part well. Henry Winkler as Chuck couldn’t be farther from his Fonzie role, but he plays his quiet, staid life wanting character just as well.

Chuck meets Belinda Keaton, played by Shelley Long, when she comes to identify the body of her pimp. Belinda is sure she knows Chuck from someplace, but he says no. They soon discover they are neighbors. When Chuck finds Belinda in the elevator, slightly beat up, he unwittingly changes the course of his life.

After telling Bill of Belinda’s troubles, Bill suggests they become Belinda’s, and her friend’s, pimps. Chuck is against the idea until one night when Belinda calls Chuck for help and Chuck’s fiancée, Charlotte, and his mother make him feel caged in. As usual with these types of movies everything starts off great – the money is coming in, everyone is having fun. But Chuck, who use to work on Wall Street and gave it up because his nerves couldn’t take it, starts to get nervous. He is sure they are going to get caught soon. They do. Bill inadvertently brings the police around, but it ends being the best thing that could have happened because the men who had killed Belinda’s pimp at the beginning of the movie are about to kill Chuck.

Everything falls apart only to come together in the end. Chuck’s fiancée now despises him, which is the best thing that could have happened to him. It leads him to finally admit to Belinda that he does love her.

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