Sunday, July 02, 2006

Plenty Of Zombies...But No Hard Rock

Hard Rock Zombies is supposed to be a cult classic. I've been told it's excellent, and as a lover of campy movies, I hoped that it would live up to my expectations. I need to lower my expectations. Hard Rock Zombies is a mess. If Ed Wood were making movies in 1984, I believe he would have made this one. Director and co-writer Krishna Shah uses the classic Wood technique of repeating scenes over, and over again, my only guess is because the story is non-existant.
A Rock band travels to a remote country town to play a concert, but unbeknowest to them, the townspeople don't want to have a rock concert. The town is supported by an excentric rich family who seduce, kill, and eat tourists. They keep the outside world out of the town. The band is lured to the families home and eventually are murdered, but through a voodoo song lead singer recorded, they are brought back from the grave as zombies. The zombies then kill the family, including the grandfather who, up until then, was in disguise, but in truth, was Adolf Hitler. Because the family, including Hitler were killed by zombies, they come back to life as ghouls, and chaos ensues with practically the entire town turning into ghouls.
Of course, the zombie band makes it to their concert and eventually saves a virgin from sacrifice, and the town from ghouls. I really don't know what to do with this film. But if your in the mood for zombies, Nazis, ghouls, attempted virgin sacrifice, and really bad music, then Hard Rock Zombies might be right for you. But if you want quality I recommend films that were possibly inspired by, and done much better, Shaun of The Dead
and House of 1,000 Corpses.


Vladigogo said...

How could I have missed this classic flick?

julie said...

Be thankful you did! It's an hour and a half I can never get back!