Sunday, May 07, 2006

They're Here!!!

Poltergeist is a film about a family who moves into a new home. Things look like they are going great for the Freelings, but little did they know that the house they have just moved into was already occupied. Carol Anne Freeling, the famous little girl in the film, begins to befriend these ghosts and communicates with them through the television static. They seem innocent at first, but then we learn that there is a malevolent poltergeist in the Freeling's home. This ghost takes Carol Anne into the world beyond. It is up to the family to save her and rid their home of these eveil spirits.

The fill is pretty frightening, even though the special effects aren't all that great. Some great scenes are when Carol Anne utters the two famous words,
"They're here!" This scene is scary, but these two words have become a part of American pop culture. Another great scene is when Mrs. Freeling falls into the whole in the backyard which was recently dug for a pool they were going to install. While in the pool, she discovers buring skeletons which began to attack her.

I was extremly impressed by the child actress Heather O'Rouke, who played the character of Carol Anne. Her performance was extremely convincing and her innocense really added a lot to the horror of the film.

Another aspect that made the film succesflly frightening was the soundtrack. I was eerie, especially the begining music during the opening credits.

This film is disturbing and has some great horror scenes. It is definatley worth to watch when your in the mood for a thrill.

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