Sunday, May 07, 2006

Teen Wolf

Teen wolf is a fun high-school comedy.It is the story of Scott Howard, an akward seventeen year old boy who is having some problems. He is tired of being average. He longs for some excitment in his life. He has the same routine every day, same friends and the only excitment he has in his life is being on the basketball team, but this is even dull, since he is a benchwarmer.Scott's wish comes true in a strange form. He discovers that his father is a werewolf, and his transformation has begun. When Scott is the werewolf, he is a completley different person. He is everything he wish he could be and has confidence. Everyone at school loves him, but is it Scott they love or teen wolf? Scott must come to a realization. He must learn the importance of "being yourself." This is the overall message of the film.

Michael J Fox is the star of the film. He plays Scott. Michael J Fox is known in the 80's for playing the akward teen who comes into himself at the end of the film. He does a great job and has a lot of fun with the character of the wolf.

I liked this film because it was humurous and a spirited high school movie, but I also liked it because it has a good message. It teaches you that no matter what, always be true to yourself.

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