Monday, May 08, 2006

Some kids go into space...

Ok so I watched this film called Space Camp and it was made in 1986. It stars Kate Capshaw, Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston, Tate Donovan, and Leaf Pheonix before he came jaquin..or however you spell it! The acting is average and the plot is super cheesy but overall I actually liked this film. So pretty much the story revolves around 5 kids who come to space camp and their teacher is named Andie. They learn all about space and then on one day, they get the opportunity to feel an engine burn test. Well the heat curtain fails and one of the rockets starts to burn so in order to not have them burn up they have to send these 6 ppl into space. They get into space ok but they learn they only have one oxygen tank and in 12 hours they will die. They have just 12 hours to make it home so they have to find another oxygen source and they find one in the space station daedalus. They go and collect two oxygen tanks which help them but all of a sudden NASA decides to take auto control and Andie gets stuck outside of the shuttle! The kids override and they bring andie in but she's hurt and they wont make it to the next landing spot and then they realize they can get to white sands in Mexico so they do that and they contact NASA through morse code and they help aid them in getting back home. Kathryn who is one of the kids must pilot them back with Kevin as commander, the shuttle starts to spin as they almost enter atmo but she gains contol and auto takes over and well i think you know the rest. The movie I wouold reccoment because it's interesting and at moments just really funny. the special fx are cheesy and you can tell when they are fake and the music by the great John Williams is fantastic...sometimes a little too over the top.

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