Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Meryl Streep anyone?

So, when i was watching the Oscars i learned that Meryl Streep is the most nominated actor. That's pretty impressive (even if she's not the actor with the most awards). So, i decided to see her in action last weekend. I checked out Plenty. Unfortunately i didn't pay it full attention, and it's kind of a complex movie. It deals with an English woman in post WWII Britain. She has some mental issues.... "a desire to lose control" is how she describes it. She is violent, unfaithful, selfish and just seems to be a very unstable character. Streep portrays this very well, however, and "Susan" becomes very believable, and almost understandable.
The biggest tension in the movie is created by Streep's attraction/attachment to three different men. One a husband, one a physical affair and one a "soul mate". the first is an English diplomat, a well to do caring sort of guy. The second is slightly less developed, while the third is Sam Neil. The two meet while both are working for the French resistance during the war. They had a quick affair while in the midst of a war, and Streep’s character never seems to be able to move beyond this. She always needs something to fight for, some cause, and she struggles to lead a meaningful existence without some sort of conflict.
Susan (meryl streep) builds one lasting friendship with Alice, played by Tracey Ullman. Alice is another complex character, who claims she is a novelist at heart, but really seems to be little more than a talkative, flirtatious distraction. It is a slightly uncharacteristic role for Ullman, she usually produces comedies. But, her character does provide slightly entertaining moments.
Not really a fun movie to watch, and I probably should have paid more attention. But, the acting was good, and the situations compelling. 3 stars.

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Vladigogo said...

I actually teach Plenty in my 20th century British Drama class. It is a tough play because there is a great deal of history in the play that British audiences can appreciate but is a bit difficult for American audiences.

I took a group to London who saw the play with Cate Blanchett in the lead and she was marvelous. The film is a bit problematic because some of the elements that work so well on the stage don't transfer to film that well.

The film does feature Sting though. You gotta like that.