Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Better get yourself a garlic t-shirt buddy

Both Coreys, a love story, and a great soundtrack that includes Steven Tyler and Run DMC, INXS, and The Doors, what more could you ask from a teen 80’s film? How about some vampires?

The Lost Boys is the story of two brothers who move to their eccentric grandfather’s house in Santa Carla, California with their recently divorced mother. While they settle into their new surroundings they find out there is something supernatural about the town they live in. Michael the older brother gets lured into a motorcycle gang by a beautiful girl named Star. Meanwhile the younger brother Sam meets up with two boys in the local comic book store who try to warn him about some of Santa Carla’s nocturnal residents. It starts to get interesting when Michael starts to sleep all day and party all night and try to suck his brother’s blood. Michael doesn’t want to become a full vampire and Sam doesn’t want to become a snack so they turn to the Frog brothers from the comic book store who happen to be amateur vampire hunters for help. Michael’s only hope to save himself and his half vampire love interest Star is to refrain from feasting on his first victim and to kill the leader of the vampires.

The things that make this movie great are the comedy, the songs, and the special effects. There are some pretty good one-liners and practical jokes throughout the film and after watching this film and American Werewolf in London I’ve come to appreciate the 80’s combination of horror and comedy. The soundtrack was also funny when it started to play “People Are Strange” by The Doors as they were entering the town and noticing all the strange residents present even in the daylight. The special effects were great too because again there were no computer graphics and Edgar Frog tells you that, “No two bloodsuckers go the same way.” He’s true to his word and the deaths never get boring.

If you like 80’s horror/comedy check this film out here:

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Vladigogo said...

A little bit off topic, but anyone know why Kiefer Sutherland is so angry as Jack Bauer?

He never was as angry in the movies from the 80s.