Monday, March 27, 2006

Blind Date

Being the huge Bruce Willis that I am, I just had to check out Blind Date. It is one of his few movies that I had not seen before. Going into the movie, I had high expectations because it's Bruce and I have rarely been disappointed by a movie with Bruce in it. And I was not disappointed this time; this movie is full of humorous moments and funny antics. It has a pretty stellar cast too: besides Bruce, there's Kim Basinger, John Larroquette, Phil Hartman, and William Daniels.

Bruce plays Walter Davis, a workaholic who doesn't have much of a life to speak of besides work. He needs to find a date at the last minute for a business dinner, so enter Basinger as Nadia Gates. She is his sister-in-law's cousin, and she comes with one warning: do not let her drink, or she will turn crazy. Well, of course, this warning is not heeded and craziness insues. The craziness gets worse when Nadia's psychotic ex-boyfriend, David shows up.

Nadia literally ruins Walter's life in one night: because of her outrageous behavior at the dinner, he gets fired; because of the threats from David, he pulls a gun out and gets arrested. Then, he goes to drop her off at a friend's house in a sketchy neighborhood, and while there, some hoodlums start stripping his car. It is pretty funny to see him in the next scene driving down the freeway with no doors, no roof, and sitting on a box for a seat.

This movie will have you laughing pretty much from beginning to end. David makes a fool of himself the whole time, so this is good for a laugh. He is constantly crashing into buildings: first a pet store (he winds up with a monkey in his backseat), then a paint shop, and finally a flour factory. So you can imagine what he looks like by the end: painted rainbow colors and lightly coated with flour. The ending of the film was more involved than I expected. I was pleasantly surprised. Of course, it comes down to Walter and David vying for Nadia's love, and who do you think she's going to pick? Walter, of course! After the comedic struggle, there is a passionate underwater kiss between the two of them, sealing the deal. It is very cute, although it could be argued that today, this scene has become overdone. Overall, this movie is cute and funny. It is also a plus to get to watch Bruce when he was so young--such boyish good looks he had then!

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