Thursday, February 25, 2010

"She's a Maniac"- Flashdance

After watching the film “Flashdance”, I’m still uncertain if I actually liked it or not. I didn’t go into the movie with many expectations because all I knew of it was the famous pouring water striptease scene, but for being a big 80’s movie, I was expecting a little more. First, the plot was a little extreme, but it was the 80’s so extreme was popular, yet it’s hard to believe that an eighteen year old girl would somehow find herself in the sketchy part of the city working as a welder by day and somewhat of an exotic dancer, except of course more tasteful, by night, especially with such a caring grandmother. Another thing that seemed strange to me was her older man boyfriend who was charming yet gave me a weird vibe and I’m still not sure why since he really did help her out in accomplishing her dreams. While on the subject of dreams, was it absolutely necessary that every time someone tried to help her she had to throw a hissy fit or lie or do something stupid because she wanted to do it on her own even though she was the one holding herself back? Yes, I get the message there that only you can accomplish your dreams if you really work at something but did she have to get out of the car in the tunnel highway? Yet, there were some aspects of “Flashdance” that I thought were awesome. Specifically, the dance scenes were amazing whether it was at the club or in her apartment, the film found some really talented dancers with different and difficult moves that they made look so smooth and easy. Even with TV shows today like “America’s Next Best Dance Crew” showing off some crazy moves, the dancers in “Flashdance” seemed to have paved the way, showing that yes, the body can really move like that. The club scenes especially were filmed in almost a trippy, music video type way with cool angles and lighting that made the movie fun to watch and a nice break when you were searching through the plot. The music that accompanied these scenes too were also what really got my attention with the famous “What A Feeling” and “She’s a Maniac”, which would have anyone get up from the couch watching that movie to dance with Miss Alex Owens. Even though ballet might have been what she was aiming for, Alex seems made for MTV or what MTV was in the 80’s which was all about new cool music and modern dancing. I must also mention the clothes worn in this film which were never dull but something Keri Bradshaw might consider fabulous even today. The tuxedo halter top outfit Alex wore when out to dinner with Nick and the cut up off the shoulder sweatshirt really captured the fun that the 80s were able to have with fashion. The workout clothes too were eye catching and colorful and yet again came back in style today especially with the colorful leggings and tights. All the scenes in the flashy club or her darkly and sensually lit apartment, even the gym while working out with the girls against the all the white background or the back alley break dancing, all made this more of an amazing music video than a quality film.

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Vladigogo said...

You hit the nail on the head.

This film can be considered an extended MTV video.

There is a great bit in The Full Monty where they discuss, not her dancing, but her welding technique.