Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flashdance - a movie where nothing makes sense...


Flashdance was definitely… not what I expected. The movie seemed to be various clips of music videos strung together in one colorful musical mosaic. The film was essentially a visual piece, and created some really interesting pictures using different lights and clothing and silhouettes. However, the plot was absolutely terrible. And not only because of its eccentric twists, (I generally love movies with eccentric twists) but because the plot was completely unrealistic and unbelievable. First of all, a welder is an extremely physically demanding job. The frail thin frame of a dancer’s body could not endure such demands. And a welder is such an obscure position of employment, how in the world did she end up there? It also requires skill and training, as well as connections with construction companies. Now I would like to know how this little girl is already a well-established well-trained welder by the age of 18. Her age is one of my biggest complaints. She’s only 18 but she has already converted that warehouse into her own mansion and filled it with all those nice things? Where did all that come from? And how did she acquire a warehouse? I’d love to know how, I could use a warehouse myself. And finally, she dances all night in that shady bar in front of all those drunk gross men. The bar closes, everyone leaves and typically has no where to go but home, and she just gets on her bike and leisurely pedals home through the ghetto? To a random warehouse where she lives alone? In the real world, she would’ve been raped/kidnapped/killed if not on her first night then surely the second. Now I have a great imagination, but the claims they tried to make in this movie were so farfetched it was impossible for me to connect with the movie and I spent most of the time making fun of it and pointing out the inconsistencies.

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Vladigogo said...

She does have an incredibly nice digs and the whole welder thing is ridiculous.

It is a film that doesn't care about plot. It's about stringing together different dance sequences and creating a best selling soundtrack.