Saturday, February 13, 2010

Heathers - Lovely yet Lethal

I wasn’t sure what to expect about the movie Heathers, but was pleasantly surprised and it has easily made its way to the top of my favorites list. I loved Mean Girls, but I have to say I loved Heathers even more. Winona Rider does an incredible job of playing the tender hearted beauty Veronica who has trouble being as cruel as the other girls. The Heathers adorable posh outfits and high class ways of living are what set them aside from Mean Girls. The mean girls are hot, but look like every other hot girl in high school and have more of a slutty look. While the Heathers have such class and style and an air of superiority that they seem more like princesses or duchesses or something. Veronica and JD make a beautiful dangerous couple, and the drama between her love for him and her disapproval of his actions is intense. Although I felt that secretly she knew what he intended all along, because it was so easy to see what he was scheming, but chose to ignore it until it was too late. It was interesting to see how JD could shoot a blank gun shot in the cafeteria in the boys’ faces and only receive minimal repercussions. It says a lot about the 80’s and their school systems and their sense of security. If someone were to do that today, they’d probably be in juvie or at the very least expelled. It makes me a little sad because I think that today we treat children like their criminals because we fear they will become criminals, and children tend to live up to the expectations people have of them.

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Vladigogo said...

And of course the exchange before he shoots the two jocks with the blank gun is classic, especially when the one jock can't really figure out how JD insulted them.

And yes, this is far superior to Mean Girls. See what a little teenage death will do.