Saturday, February 13, 2010


Flashdance is an awesome 80s film; it is provocative, sexy, sad, lonely, inspiring, and rebellious, not to mention it has a phenomenal soundtrack (which I downloaded right after I watched the movie). The film is about an 18 year old girl named Alex (Jennifer Beals) who works during the day as a welder for a construction company but works at night as a dancer at a strip club. We first see Alex at her construction job decked out in baggy work clothes, helmet and goggles and can hardly tell she’s a woman. Then when we see her dancing, we come to find that this welder is actually an amazing dancer with a hot bod.

As the movie goes on and we get deeper into the story we see that Alex is struggling to get by and make ends meet, yet she has this huge dream of one day becoming a great ballerina. The only problem is she is scared of auditioning because she feels disadvantaged due to her lack of ‘proper’ study but luckily, she has an inspiring grandmother to giver her hope. Soon Alex also meets a guy, her boss actually, who she reluctantly falls in love with. He also tries to help her achieve her dream of becoming a ballerina but Alex feels patronized when he calls in a favor from a friend to get her an audition at ballet school and pushes him away. When she turns to grandmother for help, she finds out that she died a day before and is heartbroken. The death of her grandmother, I believe, made Alex realize that this was her only chance of ever accomplishing her dream to become a ballerina and decides to audition. At the audition, we can see her fear as she hesitated to put on the record but she starts confidently then falls at the beginning of her routine. After a moments pause she asks to start again, then puts on an incredible performance that completely reflects her character as it is graceful and technical yet eccentric and fun. Overall this is a great 80s film and a must-see.

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Vladigogo said...

And of course it features Michael Nouri, a former Rollins student, as her lover.

Your description of the film makes it tie in with Karate Kid quite nicely.