Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Lost Boys (1987)

"If you try to stop us, or vamp out in any way,
I'll stake you without even thinking twice about it!"

How would you feel if your mom forced you away from a city and into a small town that was known as the murder capitol of the world? To make matters worse, you're moving in with your crazy grandfather who's a little too preoccupied with taxidermy and who doesn't even own a TV. That's what Michael (Jason Patric) and Sam (Corey Haim) Emerson are faced with at the opening of the 80's classic horror flick The Lost Boys.

When Michael falls for the deceptive beauty of Star (Jami Gertz), the Emerson brothers are plunged into a world of night stalking vampires. Trying to be a part of the crowd and win Star's heart, Michael joins the ranks the local gang, led by David (Kiefer Sutherland). They seem like a fun-loving crowd at first, who "party all night and sleep all day," but by the time Michael realizes the price of fitting in he's already thirsting for blood and hiding from the sun.

Luckily, the Frog brothers (led by Corey Feldman), are on the job and ready to defend "truth, justice and the American way." Will they find out who the head vampire is in time to save Michael, Mrs. Emerson and the small town of Santa Carla? Or will the town fall before the town bullies who just happen to be blood sucking murderers?

This movie is great because even though it's supposed to be terrifying you can't help but laugh. I have to admit that this film has the best display of mullets that I've probably ever seen, and who could turn down a chance to watch Bill S. Preston, Esquire, as a blood-sucking maniac.


Vladigogo said...

I still need to watch this one. I missed it when it came out and I now have the DVD in my office, but I just need to carve out a little time to check it out.

Cat said...

You really need to watch it. It's a classic.

Vladigogo said...

Some men's magazine--I think it was Maxim--rated the toughest 25 guys in movie history and coming in at 4th and 5th were the two Coreys in this film.

I don't know whether that should be taken as a sign of brilliance on the part of the filmmakers and actors or merely the kiss of death to have Maxim praise your film. (Usually when they have quotes from Maxim in the trailers or ads for a movie, you know it is bad.)