Sunday, September 16, 2007

Batman 1989

You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight? This is by far the best Batman made, sorry Adam West you’re just not on Michael Keaton’s level. To be blatantly honest the more recent versions of Batman have been pathetic, maybe except for Batman Begins with Christian Baile. All of the more recent batman films have had Robin in it. Honestly, who cares about Robin he does nothing cool, he has no cool weapons and no cool car, he’s just a tool. Also, the supporting cast in Batman: Kim Bassinger and Jack Nickelson is phenomenal. Jack Nickleson is the perfect fit for the villain Joker. This is a very typical movie of the 1980’s a viewer can tell by the music by Prince, the cars used, the bat mobile is a 1980’s corvette and this is when actors were in their primes.
The basic overall plot of all the Batman movies is a “vigilante,” Batman, is thought to be a villain when in actuality he’s the hero because the police department is full of pathetic individuals. Another point all of the movies have in common is good triumphing over evil. A funny thing I noticed while watching the movie Batman was the name of the Joker’s chemical company, Axis chemicals. This proves that good is triumphing over evil just as the Allies did in World War 2 over the Axis powers.
My favorite scenes in the movie are when the Joker enters the fancy art gallery and throws paint all over everything and when Batman flies the Bat plane into Gotham taking away all of the balloons flying up high into the sky placing the pane in the middle of the full moon and then Joker shooting him down with the long revolver. I highly recommend this movie to anyone, how can you not like cool cars, action scenes with cool gadgets and the oh so dreamy Kim Bassinger?

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