Sunday, June 11, 2006

"Man has made his it's his problem"

It's 2016, Los Angeles, and your job is to hunt down replicants because they aren't human. In fact, you aren't quite sure if you are even human. In Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, there is a fine line between reality and fiction as well as night and day. Decker, played by Harrison Ford, is on the hunt for 6 escaped "replicants". He is a very lucky man indeed, for he drinks like a fish, doesn't get many clues, gets beat to crap everyday, and yet, gets the job done.

I understand that in 1982 this film could be viewed as somewhat futuristic but I just can't buy the whole package. Why is everything so square in the future? Square liquor bottles, square drinking glasses, square flying cars, as well massive square buildings. I would think by 2016 we would have moved forward at least architecturally. Good thing we have the technology to manufacture replicants to take care of us humans in 2016! It seems that in the city of LA here on earth, there is a massive poplulation of Asian people and the only employer in town is the Tyrell Corporation which looms high above the city. This would explain why there isn't any sun in the city and possibly all that rain! Those poor actors!

The replicant Rachel (Sean Young) wrestles with the question of if she is in fact "more human than human" or just a bucket of bolts. She of course gets involved with Decker and he, in turn, questions reality himself. The "bad" replicants come back to earth, try to find their leader, Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer), and while possessing supernatural strength, aren't very smart when it comes to guns and bullets. Batty is in love with Pris (Daryl Hannah) who is quite the acrobat and needs to lay off the eyeliner. The movies' two main characters, Batty and Decker then see themselves in each other and eventually, after a very long fight sequence, one lets go of life and one runs away to a new life.

The style of the 1940's plays a major role in this film and this style can be seen in the costumes, hair styles, set designs and all that incessant cigarette smoking!

I found this movie, its plot, and its characters unrealistic. Possibly that is the idea of the movie but I found it boring.

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