Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Making light of Mr.Montana's anger problems.

WARNING: The video is very explicit!

In the year 1983 Scarface was one of the most controversial films ever. Now, its almost laughable. Don't get me wrong, Scarface is a classic, a truly phenomenal film. To the extent that it has left its mark in pop-culture history, whether it is through cult film lovers, or the professional athletes and rappers that have Tony Montana splashed across there homes, via MTV Cribs. The film is about Tony Montana, a Cuban refugee, who works his way up through Miami’s drug world. I sat down to watch this movie, and my family began to join in.

Strangely, we found ourselves laughing at scenes that weren’t intended to be laughed at. We found that over time a film that was originally serious and intense is now almost comical. I would suggest watching the film twice for those who have never seen it. Once with a serious focus, and the second time focus on making light of the situations. Pay close attention to the facial expressions, and the slurring of words by Al Pacino. As Tony Montana becomes angered about something, the movie does a thing that resembles old kung-fu movies (or Kill Bill for those with more modern tastes) the scene plays loud orchestra music and zooms in on his eyes, to show the anger of Tony. It is humorous to see Tony go ballistic Often the littlest thing sets him off, he goes completely crazy. Looking at the costumes is funny. In the 80's it was the height of the gangster fashion. But now if I saw someone wearing a white tux, with a red shirt, unbuttoned half way down with a gold chain, I would assume that they got lost somewhere on the way to a reunion ABBA concert. Not to mention the beach scenes with spandex. Those are always a fun clothing accessory. So in conclusion I think Scarface is a phenomenal film, I just think that its hard to take it seriously now.


(this is a fake profile of someone acting like Tony)

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