Sunday, April 02, 2006

There can only be one

The movie Highlander is about a Scottish man Connor MacLeod who goes in to battle against a mysterious opponant and receives a fatal wound in 1536. When he doesn't die he is banished from his village for being cohorts with the devil. He moves to another part of the country where he meets Heather and falls in love. They start to make a life together when Juan Ramirez comes to teach him about himself. He learns that he is immortal when Ramirez knocks him out of a boat and he can't swim so he walks across the bottom of the lake. After this you learn that there are many immortals from all over the planet who can only die if their head is cut off. Their sole purpose is to battle each other down the centuries until there are only a few of them left. When this happens the rest will meet in a foreign land for "The Gathering" and battle for "The Prize" till there is only one left. The mysterious warrior called the Kurgan comes back to find MacLeod and finds and kills Ramirez instead. Heather eventually grows old and dies, leaving MacLeod alone in the world.

In 1985 New York we meet Russel Nash an antique dealer caught up in a beheading investigation. The forensic investigator Brenda soon falls for the mysterious Nash only to find out that the real Russel Nash died at birth. She soon gets sucked into a world of magic and mystery with "The Gathering" of the immortals occuring. She eventually becomes a pawn for the Kurgan who wants to use "The Prize" for evil and an epic battle ensues.

This movie seemed pretty hokey at first but turned out to have a pretty neat ending aside from the overabundance of light special effects that could use an update. One other thing bothered me though, they come from all over the world but everyone started to call all of the immortal warriors highlanders when that means they're from the Scottish highlands and Juan Ramirez is supposed to an Egyptian from Spain but Sean Connery's Scottish accent is all you hear.

Oh well it was still entertaining.
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Vladigogo said...

And as American Idol pointed out the other night, Queen sang at least one song on the soundtrack.

And, Highlander was a popular series on TV.