Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Here's Johnny!

The Shining is a great 80's film, a little confusing but definitely a must-see. The story starts with Jack Lawrence, a struggling writer who desparately seeks inspiration and some piece and quiet to leap-frog his writers block. He is interviewing to become the caretaker for the Overlook hotel in the mountains of Colorado. Jack agrees to stay at the Overlook with his family for the winter months. Little does Jack know that the hotel has a supernatural quality called "the shining" which haunts the place. Coincidentally, Jack's son danny also has the shining, in fact most of the film's suspense and terror come from Danny's visions of what happened at the hotel.
This is a classic haunted house film with a twist! It stands up over time; most of this type of horror flick do. "The Shining" is a good movie for those of us who cannot stand too much gore. There are some, well-placed quick cuts of bloody walls and bodies, but all-in-all not too bad. I am not sure how distinctly 80's it is, their wardrobe sure does give it away that it was just on the cusp of the decade (colors and styles still seem rather 70's).
It can be a good deal confusing. The book goes into much greater detail about why Jack is drawn to the place and what exactly the shining is. It takes a few times watching it to really understand the details, but that does not stop it from scaring your pants off!
"Come play with us Danny, forever, and ever and ever!!!"

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