Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Bill Murray and Harold Ramis take on the personas of John Winger and Russell Ziskey in this hilarious comedy about misfits joining the army. Winger, who loses his job and his girlfriend in the same day, becomes frustrated with his life, and decides that the answer to his problems could be the army. After convincing his friend Russell to join with him, the two later find themselves in basic training at the command of Sergeant Hulka, who is determined to turn them into something valuable. Their platoon is filled with many more oddball characters, such as “psycho” and “Ox” who is played by John Candy.

Murray’s character becomes the class clown of the group and constantly pisses off Hulka with his jokes and antics. They sarcastically bicker throughout the film, and Winger pays for his mistakes with many push-up sessions overseen by his Sergeant. However, Hulka’s reign quickly comes to a halt when he becomes injured, which forces these clueless soldiers to complete training and graduation without any guidance. Through a series of hilarious and unusual events, this group of misfit soldiers eventually finds themselves in the heat of battle, and with a little luck they succeed and achieve military fame.

The dynamic of the wacky characters in this film provides an interesting few hours of entertainment. If you like Bill Murray films, or if you are just in the mood for a good laugh, check this film out. Even if it’s not your type of comedy I think you will find the Pretty Woman march, and the platoon’s performance at their graduation to be quite amusing. "That's the fact Jack!"

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