Monday, March 13, 2006

As you wish...

The Princess Bride:1987 (the year I was born!!!)
Directed by Rob Reiner

The Princess Bride is a story within a story and Rob Reiner does this is a very creative way. A young boy, played by Fred Savage (The Wonder Years) is sick in bed and his grandfather comes over to surprise him with a very special gift...a book. Well, the young boy isn't very thrilled about his gift, but as the grandfather reads to him from "The Princess Bride" the story comes to life and the audience is brought into a fantasy world filled with sword fights, giants, fire swamps, R-O-U-S's, evil princes, and of coarse true love.

The characters in the fantasy fairy tale book are all truly memorable, even the ones that only appear in one scene. We have Westley who is the hero. He brings action to the film, as well as humor, for his character has some great one liners. Princess Buttercup is the female lead. She is Westley's true love. Prince Humperdink is the man Buttercup is set to marry. Humperdink, as well as Count Rugen (the six fingered man) are the villains of the film and the two of them are very dark and cruel characters, especially count Rugen, who is obsessed with torture. My personal favorites are Inigo Montoyo and Fezzik (the giant). The two of them are best friends and a great duo. They are extremly fun characters and the two of them and Westley help save the day at the end of the film..not to spoil it for anyone who hasnt seen it. Reiner's characters are lively and every part, no matter how small, adds a unique, important element to the film.

The action of the film is great..especially the sword fight between Inigo and Westley. There is never a dull moment and there are always comedic elements included.

This movie truly has it all. Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, and Comedy. What more could you ask for in a film?

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Vladigogo said...

Did I mention earlier about the joy quoting WHEN HARRY MET SALLY GAVE ME, well this is another one of those quotable films and now I am pleased to have introduced a new generation to the film--my daughter who has watched it a number of times now.