Sunday, April 25, 2010


Rainman is a really great touching film. Tom Hanks does a great job playing the self-centered Charley Babitt. Dustin Hoffman does an excellent job at portraying his autistic brother Raymond. I really like this movie because even though it’s funny at some part, it’s not directly making fun of autistic people. And it does an excellent job of portraying how heartbreaking it is to love someone with autism. I have a cousin who is autistic, and it’s very hard for all of us sometimes. There are days when you feel like he’s making progress and that one day he will remember who you are and we will love you in return and he will live somewhat of a normal life. But then there are some days when it seems like he will never get any better, he will never even remember your name much less love you, and that he will never live a normal life. It’s easy to give up on somewhat like that, after all the frustration and heartache. But I believe that there is hope for autistic people, there is hope for my cousin, and my family and I are not going to give up on him. This film helps show people how hard it is for families of autistic people, and maybe if more people know they will be more willing to help.

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