Tuesday, April 06, 2010

" I always tell the truth... even when I lie"

This film is about Tony Montana (Al Pacino), who arrives in Miami, FL as a Cuban immigrant. It follows him in his rise to power as a gangster and the role that cocaine plays in his life and relationships.
I found this movie did not live up to its standards as a must-see epic movie. It felt as though it dragged on and the only highlight was the end when Tony says “Say hello to my little friend”. The plot did not capture me as an audience member because the script was not engaging and although the acting was well-done, many of the characters were one-dimensional. It felt as though all of the effort of the plot and large special effects went into the ending of the movie.
Michelle Pfeiffer’s acting as a cocaine addict bitch that is purely in a relationship with Tony for materialistic reasons is spot on. She does a good job in putting Tony’s ego in check and having no problem saying what is on her mind. As for Al Pacino, his acting was incredible. From his accent to his ability to make audience members love and hate his character he did a brilliant job in creating Tony’s character. That is where we see Tony’s cocaine addiction skyrocket, the main gun fight that leads to a blood bath, and Tony’s struggle with his love for his sister. The one constant in this movie is Tony’s rejection of love. He is rejected by his mother, his sister and his wife, which eventually leads to his ignorance followed by his death.
Without Al Pacino, the movie would have been a total flop. The rest of the characters are mostly one-dimensional. He is the only complicated character with an odd twist to his title as ‘hero’. There is no black or white when it comes to his character as he constantly switches back and forth from villain to hero. We feel remorse for him at the end when his sister is killed even though their relationship ended off on an incestuous note. He dies being a man who had all the power and then lost everything at once.

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I love the F version of Scarface. That is precisely why youtube was created.