Monday, March 22, 2010

Going into “Overboard”, I didn’t think it looked like that good of a movie but I was curious to see a film with Goldie Hawn especially the one where she supposedly fell in love with Kurt Russell. Yet, right from the beginning I found myself really enjoying this funny and amusing love story between two opposites. Goldie Hawn was great as Joanna/Annie, starting off as an obnoxious, spoiled yet highly amusing bitch Joanna. Yet by the end of the film, you were convincingly able to see how Joanna became the lovable and good-hearted Annie after falling overboard a boat and suffering amnesia. The idea is a little far fetched but so was the other 80’s Gary Marshall film “Pretty Woman” where a wealthy man fell for a hooker. It between the classic mean girl turned good transformation, the film kept things light and interesting as Kurt Russell’s character Dean, her carpenter who despised her, and his four mischievous sons tricked and harassed Joanna/Annie, while convincing her she’s their wife/mother, into doing stuff that her old self, would never be caught dead doing. Some funny examples were her sawing wood and almost burning the kitchen down making dinner. It’s hard at first to decide who to root for as Joanna was first a huge bitch but you can’t help feel bad for her while Dean puts her through hell. Yet, of course she adapts and not only obviously falls in love with Dean but his motherless children as well. The love story was believable because it took a while for the sparks to fly with Joanna/Annie and Dean because clearly they had to search for the good in each other which of course they brought out. The film even made the audience love the, at first really annoying, four kids and I’ll admit had me in tears in the scene when chasing Joanna/Annie’s leaving limo at the end calling for her as their mom. The legend with jumping into the ocean and swimming to ones true love was also a cute touch and made for a cheesy yet needed romantic ending which no audience can resist. Even though I could probably not pass up the opportunity to live on a yacht, I would easily and surprisingly choose the poor but charming Dean over the rich but slimy Grant, who was played by the grandfather from “Gilmore Girls” who always plays rich so well. Yet, in the ultimate happy ending, Joanna/Annie doesn’t have to settle at all because she remembers that all the money belongs to her. All in all, this was a pretty good romantic comedy because it made you laugh, cry and fall in love with the characters too, even if it was a little cheesy but all the best ones usually are.

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Jennifer Lopez is in talks to remake this movie.