Friday, February 19, 2010

Risky Business

This is a film that I had always wanted to see and I am glad I finally did. The famous dancing scene that has recently been imitated by a myriad of celebrities on various commercials, such as XBox 360, held its weight and was relatively PG when compared to the rest of the films "risky" behavior. I must admit my naivety to the films actual plot and controversial nature, but I enjoyed the film nonetheless.

The film DOES stands out as truly 80's shown by the unmistakable fashions, the 80's Porsche RB 928, and of course its excellent soundtrack featuring popular groups from the decade, such as Phil Collins and The Police. Despite the obvious 80's nature of the film, I believe that it stands up over time. Although the viewer is expected to accept the fantastic notion of running a one night prostitution operation in the middle of suburban Illinois, Joel's challenge of dealing with the pressures of getting accepted into college is one that is quite real and relatable to the youth of today. I really liked the change in Joel's character when he finally embraces the ability to, "just say fuck it," which results in his loss of virginity, admission into Princeton, and promising career in business. In this way, the film is almost humorous.

I would recommend this movie to any post-pubescent individual, because I find the themes and overall message to be very insightful and relatable. Plus there's no denying the appeal to fast cars, beautiful women, and a twisted plot that keeps you guessing the whole time.

The Dance Scene

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Vladigogo said...

You are correct that a lot of people may know the dance sequence in the film but a lot people don't know what the film is actually about and might be surprised when they watched it.